Spice Up Your Next Meeting

We’ve all been there… that meeting that seems to have no end, that person who seems to be hogging the mic, and not letting anyone get a word in and that dreaded feeling when someone appears to  be talking at you for what seems like hours and not getting to the point.

Join the interactive meeting revolution with these cool gadgets and apps to guarantee audience participation,keeping them engaged and adding a new dimension to your next meeting:

First on the agenda is:

Glisser is a neat little app where you share your slides live with the audience, can create interactive polls or let them ask questions electronically.  The tools doesn’t stop there as you can also get your audience to feedback on your presentation, which means you can get leads or just important contacts to follow up with.

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Now this could be a meeting game changer. Imagine the whole audience having access to the mic. Ok there is more control than just letting everyone speak at the same time, but the concept is brilliant.  There’s nothing worse than when you go  to a meeting and there’s a struggle to get the mic from one side of the room to another. Crowdmic solves this ‘problem’ by enabling a mic feature on the audiences mobile phone. As well as the mic feature audiences can comment via text and do live polling so that everyone can get involved and engaged.

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Get Catchbox
I love this concept to wake up your audience. Get Catchbox is a simple but I think effective way of keeping the audience on their toes – why should you do all the work? Literally throw some of the questions to the audience with the soft cube like object that acts also as a mic. If nothing else I can see this being a lot of fun and could be used in lots of creative ways.

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Anyone who works in an office environment, probably at some stage has had to do a PowerPoint presentation.  You will also know the dread of having to do another, well that’s where Prezi comes in – forget death by PowerPoint and refresh your creativity by using Prezi to not only keep yourself awake but also your audience.  With Prezi you can create amazing animated presentations to wow your audience and keep them engaged.

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Electronic Luggage??

When your suitcase starts to have more intelligence than you you have earned yourself a holiday and you can leave it to the luggage to take charge. Sounds a little far fetched, but this latest invention PLUGGAGE lets you know charges your phone, uses fingerprint ID and even lets you know if it didn’t make it onto the plane – although the latter would be a bit concerning, but I guess that’s the whole point. Although with you on the plane and you not then there’s really not much you could do anyway and I’d like to be listening in on a conversation when a passager is trying to tell this to the air hostess, who will clearly think you’ve lost your marbles.

Delsey’s Pluggage is still work in progress and they are seeking the public to vote for their favourite features for this new age suitcase, amongst the other possible features there’s the auto-weight feature, on-board detection, and the instant battery reload.

There’s definitely something in this product. I like the idea of the auto-weight – who couldn’t do with that?

Check at the promo video below